Vodafone's "Power Shorts" Wearable Charging Tech is This Year's First Festival Gag

By Gary Cutlack on at

For some odd reason, the arrival of the summer festival season always triggers a wave of crap jokes and weird charging solutions from the mobile makers, as they attempt to attach themselves to the fashionable lifestyles of those who attend the UK's traditional outdoor binge-drinking marathons.

The first comedic entry this year comes from Vodafone, which has, at great internal expense, created some images that depict a lovely lady wearing a pair of "Power Shorts" that, were they to actually exist, would use a ferroelectret foam to fill a void within the fabric to create a wearable gadget charging solution.

If it was a real thing and not a joke designed to make web sites and magazines (Nuts/Zoo) feature its photo of a lady in short shorts, it would be a nice thing. Vodafone also suggests embedding the tech into a sleeping bag, so drug-addled festival goers can charge up their devices while they sleep, so they're freshly charged for whoever steals them off them the next day.