Watch Your Step: London's Pavements Are Literally Exploding Beneath Our Feet

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems our streets are no longer safe. But it's not the muggers and murderers we have to worry about, it's the pavements themselves.

According to figures obtained by the BBC, the number of underground blasts has increased dramatically over the last few years, with 12 explosions already to date this year, just like the one in Pimlico above from back in April. It seems the massive electrical cables running under London streets are often to blame, either sparking because of degradation and water damage or igniting leaking gas trapped underground. That in turn propels all sorts of debris into the air, along with anyone who's unlucky enough to be standing on top at the time.

So far no one has been killed, but people have, unfortunately, been maimed with what are described as "life-changing injuries", which sound pretty horrific to me. It's gotten so bad that the HSE is actually worried someone's going to be blown to bits soon.

It seems simply absurd that something like this can happen, but the HSE believes it's all to do with the wet weather we've been having, which is a little worrying, considering, you know, this is rainy Britain we're talking about here. Maybe we should all be driving around in Jackals? [BBC]