We're Getting Some More 4G Spectrum By Stomping All Over Radio Enthusiasts

By Chris Mills on at

You want the good news first, don't you? Well, the UK will be bathing in an extra 105Mhz of 4G spectrum, if Ofcom has its dastardly way. The bad news? In order to have aforementioned dastardly way, Ofcom's got to kick 80,000 amateur radio enthusiasts off the spectrum. Sucks to be them, I guess.

The chunk of spectrum under consideration to be sold is around the 2000-3000Mhz mark, and is primarily used by the MoD. Since the Army don't use the frequency extensively, and use fancy kit that doesn't tend to be interfered with*, amateur radio hams are a 'secondary user' of the airwaves. If the spectrum gets sold off for 4G, however, amateur radio antics would cause interference, meaning your 4G streaming of Corrie might be interrupted by the sounds of a bearded man fiddling with knobs and tinfoil.

If you have strangely strong feelings on the matter, you can make them heard by moaning to Ofcom until the 22nd July. [Ofcom via The Register]

*except by trees, buildings, hills, and particularly vigorous gusts of wind