What's the Best External Battery Charger?

By Chris Mills on at

Do you a) carry a smartphone, and b) have a manbag (or handbag)? If so, you're a prime candidate for the pocket-bulging external battery charger trend: from battery cases to socking great car jump-starters, there's hundreds of the damn things. But are any of them any good?

Welcome to Chatroom+, your opportunity to put those burning questions to the crack team of commenters we have the pleasure of entertaining on Gizmodo UK. Whether it's in what order you wash your stinking body in the shower, to the best way to cook a steak on an electric hob, it's time to ask all those questions that Google won't answer, or you'd just rather not trust random people on the internet with.

Our question this fine week comes from Dan Bellenger, who's after an external battery charger for his device. Here at Giz HQ, both News Ed Sam and I are rocking slightly different Anker external batteries, which for £30 and 5-6 smartphone charges, seem pretty good value; however, unless you've got a bag to lug them around in, the weight and size can become an issue.

There are lots of options out there, and while Amazon's a good starting place, nothing's better than the hive mind of Giz (in our humble opinion). So pitch in below, and let's find the best device-juicer in all the shires.

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Image credit: Battery from Shutterstock