Will We Get the Nokia EOS Phone on July 11th?

By Chris Mills on at

Nokia's just thrown us an invite-shaped bone, promising "Zoom Reinvented" at an event on the 11th July. Given all the leaks showing a Nokia phone with a giant camera on the back, you don't get any prizes for guessing what they're going to announce.

The EOS phone is rumoured to pack 41 megapixels, a quad-core processor, and the hopes and dreams of an entire company into a fairly regular-shaped body.

That said, Nokia have been dropping hints about other events. At an event for the Lumia 925 in London a few evenings ago, Nokia execs said that we'd hear about something "unusual" involving a "very close collaboration" between Microsoft and Nokia.

EOS phone powered by Windows Mobile 6, perhaps? [TechRadar]

Body image credit: GSM Arena