Windows 8.1 Has Free Office 2013 For "Smaller" Tablets and Fingerprint Folder Locking for the Paranoid

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft is set to include a free copy of MS Office 2013 with some Windows 8 tablets, while RT users get themselves a free Outlook app for easier corporate email management. Microsoft's also planning to boost the security of the things by allowing users with the necessary hardware to require a fingerprint scan to unlock some folders.

The inclusion of Office 2013 is only planned for smaller 7-inch and 8-inch tablets, according to Microsoft's presentation at Computex, which should nonetheless be a powerful reason to consider one of Microsoft's machines.

Meanwhile, the MS Surface Blog said an update for Surface tablets should hit by the end of the month and, as well as Outlook, will bring in plenty of new function key commands to open up shortcuts to common portable features like boosting and dimming the display, paging up and down and capturing screenshots of the display.

The fingerprint tech is not mentioned in the post, but instead comes via news from Microsoft's Tech-Ed conference. According to The Verge, it's said to be adding native biometric reading skills to Windows 8.1, allowing all hardware makers to support the high-end security system -- and Microsoft's even planning to let users lock individual folders. It's working with manufacturers to get bio-friendly tabs made and out there. [Surface Blog, Techradar, Engadget]

Image credit: Fingerprints from Shutterstock