Xbox One Controller is Wired, Wireless, Never Turns Off and Kinect Can See it

By Gary Cutlack on at

As well as clarifying its next-generation software systems and always-on requirement, Microsoft's also taken time to give us a more thorough look at its Xbox One controller. There's only one version, and you can ditch the batteries completely if you can find a USB cable long enough to plug it in with.

As well as being fully usable while plugged in via USB, there's another improvement over the Xbox 360's wireless controllers, which Microsoft's calling a Low Power State. This means that rather than turning itself off after a period of inactivity like the Xbox 360's wireless pads, the Xbox One's controller goes into a sort of standby mode, during which it maintains its sync with the console so is ready to go without having to reconnect when you pick it up again.

Meanwhile, a collection of "invisible reflective technology and LEDs" help the Kinect sensor recognise the controller, so there may be some point in having the compulsory webcam thing included in the box after all. [Xbox Wire]