Yes, the New Mac Pro Is Going to Be Faster Than the Old One

By Sam Gibbs on at

Shock horror: the first supposed benchmarks from the new AppleĀ Bin Mac Pro are out and it's quicker all round than the previous generation. It's also packing a bespoke build of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and a spec sheet to utterly drool over.

If real, the new Mac Pro will be equipped with a colossal single 12-core Intel Xeon chip clocked at 2.7GHz (imagine jamming two of those things in side-by-side), and 64GB of lightning quick 1867 DDR3 RAM. That's a lot of processing power in that black and shiny tube. In fact, it edged out the top-of-the-line previous generation Mac Pro by some 2,000 Geekbench points -- a good starter for ten. It clocked in with a score of 23,901 which, according to the folks at Geekbench, could dramatically increase in the near future as a couple of the results in the benchmark supposedly hint at some thermal limitation. Since the release of the new Mac Pro is still months away, it's highly likely Apple's still tinkering with its pretty radical design, both with software and hardware.

Anyway, all of this could be crap, and that benchmark could be faked, but it's unlikely given all the information Geekbench managed to pull from the machine. With a stonking 12-cores on one chip, let's hope Apple configures a system where you could slap two of the new Xeons in there. 24 cores in one bin-like tower would be truly incredible. [Geekbench via MacRumors]