Only £395,000 For a Six-Bedroom Farmhouse... in the Middle of an Industrial Estate

By Spencer Hart on at

Buyers looking to get onto the property ladder could end up with a bargain when bidding on this Grade II listed farmhouse in South Marston, Wiltshire. With a valuation of only £395,000, Hunts Corpse Farm is a beautiful house that comes with a spacious two acres of land, six-bedrooms, and a picturesque country mansion facade. Which all sounds great, until you realise just where it is.

You see, the thing is Hunts Corpse Farm is surrounded by a large industrial estate. Originally built during World War II as factories to produce aeroplanes, the site is now the national distribution centre for none-other than B&Q.

Estate Agents claim it could've reached £1.5 million if the location was more, errr, traditional. But if you're looking for a large house with lots of space, there are probably worse estates you could live on. [Metro]

Image credit: Google Maps, Bing