O2 Guru TV Discovers That 3D Isn't Just Comedy Glasses

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Even with the BBC ditching 3D broadcasts, is it too soon to sound the death knell of 3D? Undoubtedly, as O2 Guru TV shows us in the latest of a new video series here on Giz.

Showcasing an interactive exhibition from artist Jeff Robb titled "Three Acts of Will"; a look at the Samsung NX300 3D camera, and a visit to iMaker's East London 3D printing studio and store, O2 Guru TV's Fast Forward host David McClelland reminds us it's not just comedy glasses and intense headaches that these extra depths affords us.

But, if you're still unconvinced by 3D in all its various guises, shout out in the comments below or over on the O2 Guru TV YouTube channel -- you may as well subscribe while you're over there, for more impartial tech advice and looks at emerging tech and trends.

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