A Game of Thrones Pop-Up Book Should Tide You Over Between Seasons

By Andrew Liszewski on at

If the months of waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones leaves you curled up in a ball repeatedly muttering "Hodor" to yourself, you're going to love what Insight Editions previewed at Comic Con this year. Available in 2014, A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros is a lavish 3D book that lets you further explore and learn about the fictional land.

The book's even got a tiny paper version of the iron throne, perfect for Ken or Barbie to make their claim as king or queen of the Seven Kingdoms. But be warned: It's probably not the best choice when it comes to bedtime stories, unless you like waking up five or six times in the middle of the night to deal with the aftermath of Red Wedding nightmares. [Nerd Approved]