Amazon's Updated Kindle App Is a Tiny F U to Apple

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Amazon just released a new update to its Kindle app for iOS, and it basically just told Apple to go f*** itself in the process. The Apple App Store bible absolutely forbids in-app purchases unless the company is willing to give Apple a 30 per cent cut, but Amazon has finally found a way around this little speed bump: likely-soon-to-be-banned free samples.

Previously, Kindle iOS users who wanted to purchase an ebook were pushed onto Amazon's website — a particularly obnoxious little side trip. Now, however, you can download the available free samples that, once finished, offer an option to send an email with a purchase link. Still not as convenient as an in-app purchase, yes, but it's worlds better than merely being able to search your existing library and nothing else.

As of now, the new search ability doesn't seem to violate Apple's App Store rules, but as we all know, the App Store isn't exactly conservative with their terms changes. So only time will tell if Amazon really has managed to get (at least somewhat) around a major inconvenience. [The Next Web]