Android 4.3 Is Rolling Out to the UK and Should Speed Up Your Old Nexus

By Sam Gibbs on at

While on the face of it Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is a bit of a minor update, what with it just adding a bit of profile and Bluetooth magic, as well as Open GLES 3.0. But it seems Google's enabled TRIM support in the update for its Nexus line of phones and tablets, which means your Nexus should get a welcome speed boost right about now.

TRIM essentially allows the OS to instruct the memory chips to properly recycle unused blocks of flash, collecting them together to maintain performance. That means your Nexus device should no longer slow down as the crud starts to build.

Apparently the update is rolling out as we speak to certainly lucky UK Nexus users, although the Nexus 4 we've got in the office hasn't been blessed yet. Anyway, after you've got the update, you might want to leave your Nexus sitting charging above 30 per cent battery for an hour or two to invoke the TRIM maintenance. Then you should start seeing a speed boost on your newly refreshed tablet or phone. I'm sure an app will come along to let you invoke the backend cleaning as and when you want in the near future, but for now, Jelly Bean apparently kicks it into gear after an hour of inactivity with 80 per cent battery (or above 30 per cent if charging) once in every 24 hour period, which basically means overnight. Thanks Google. [AnandTech]

Hat tip to the Android-loving Giz UK commenters