Android 4.3 Notifications System Exposed, Possibly Opened up to Other Apps

By Gary Cutlack on at

A quite technical disassembly job on a leaked build of Android 4.3 has found some interesting changes inside Google's Notifications feature, which appear to suggest that third-party apps may soon be able to read and interact with your phone or tablet's system messages.

The Android 4.3 analysis conducted by Android Police shows a revamped Notifications engine that seems to allow for apps to read Notifications and recreate them in any way they choose, along with the ability to access previously dismissed messages through a history feature.

These changes would make integration with Google Glass and any future Android-powered smart watches much more of a seamless affair, as syncing notifications with your phone and any other secondary devices hanging off it would become possible. A smartwatch would be much smarter if it could be properly hooked into your phone's key messages. [Android Police]

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