Angry Gamers Demand the Return of the Xbox One DRM

By Chris Mills on at

A horde of angry gamers have descended on to sign (with much venom and anger) a petition asking for the return of the Xbox One's digital sharing features, and, of course, the much-maligned DRM.

Proving once and for all that you can't please everyone (and, probably, that petitions have literally never changed anything), a document with almost 18,000 signatures is asking Microsoft to "give back the Xbox One they were promised at E3". In their own words:

"This was to be the future of entertainment. A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty.

We want this back. It can't be all or nothing, there must be a compromise."

Personally, I'm totally on board with the petition (and would probably sign it if it weren't such a bloody waste of time). The Xbox 180, as the post-U-turn Xbox has been lovingly dubbed, is a hollow shell of the mighty digital behemoth Microsoft originally unveiled; a machine that was ruined by a few over-angry people on the internet. [Change via TechRadar]