Apparently You'll Even Be Able to Customise Your Dog in GTA V

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rockstar showed off weapon and car customisation, but failed to mention the best bit of GTA V. You'll supposedly be able to kit out your very own Rottweiler, customising the fearsome beast with all manner of paraphernalia.

Yes, that's right, you'll have your choice of collars, doggy clothes and other bits and pieces to make ol'Chop your own. Apparently you'll need to keep an eye on the little fella too, as if you lose him he'll be gone forever. Well, either that or you can reload a saved game, I guess.

Now, what I want to know is what Chop will be doing while you're out and about squishing pedestrians in your half-inched motor? Will he do the traditional doggy thing and stick his schnozz out the window, tongue a'waggling? [GTA Forums via Ubergizmo]