Apple's Probably Making New MacBook Pros With Haswell Chips

By Sam Gibbs on at

Prepare yourself for the shocking revelation that, yes, Apple probably is making new MacBook Pros, and that, surprisingly, they'll use Intel's latest chips. A recent rumoured benchmark shows Apple could be testing them right now, and that they're pretty damn fast if so.

Geekbench picked up a supposed new "AAPLJ45,1" 15-inch MacBook Pro running a blazing new Core i7 and Intel's Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics. A discrete graphics chip, as is normally present in a MacBook Pro up until now, wasn't detected, but it's possible Geekbench simply didn't spot it.

It's unknown whether this supposed MacBook Pro in testing is a retina model or not, but it's highly possible that with the next refresh, Apple will either phase-out or just stop updating the previous design of laptops in favour of an all-Retina Pro line-up. Considering just how powerful and fast the new MacBook Airs are, I'm not sure there's actually much call for a non-Retina Pro anymore.

Anyway, yes Apple's probably testing some new chips in a refreshed MacBook Pro, and, yes, they've basically got to be Intel's new Haswell chip, so this isn't exactly Earth shattering news. Still, if they really are being tested now, maybe we'll see new Pros ship sooner rather than later. You might want to hold off on buying that new MacBook Pro for a bit. [Geekbench via MacRumors]