The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

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I'm freelancing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on venue build-up today, which basically means a couple of things -- constant caffeination, and, oh, oceans of coffee. And there's always that possibility of electrocution. Did I mention coffee? In the meantime, here are the apps that can get you through your working day:


iOS Apps

iPhone Apps of the Week: Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Loom, and More

Isometric: Adding to the numerous filters and drawing apps on iOS, Isometric offers something slightly different here -- it makes it easy to create structured images in design and optical illusion. Check out Made With Isometric, so you can see some of the stuff created by developers. Compatible with iPhone and iPad. [£1.49]

Cloudspotter: Yes, you guessed right, a cloud-spotting app. If you studied meteorology, or maybe just like, you know, looking up, give it a go. It's pretty informative about cloud types etc, and has a game element too. Cumulus, three points! [£1.49]

Kilkaklu: A game/photo-sharing app that lets you make your own treasure hunts, kind of. The concept is, if you're out and about, you snap your surroundings and then post them, publicly or to your friends, so it's then a rush to guess where it is and snap a photo. The app can optionally add clues using the GPS in your phone if you want to go easy on them. Hours of entertainment, you might say. [Free]


iTranslate Voice: This is awesome. I know what you're thinking -- another translation app? But this one translates what you SAY. And then tells you the translation, in your own voice. Including 42 languages, it's pretty accurate from my testing. [£1.49] This app is about simplifying privacy settings on Facebook, particularly for the permissions you set for your connections to view certain photos. You can set the photo to 'expire' after a certain amount of time, too. One cool feature is that the friends you select for viewing a photo will be notified they have one waiting for them, but no one else will know a thing. For secret food picture-sharing. Obviously. [Free]

iPhone Apps of the Week: Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Loom, and More Loom: Loom is a better way of taking photos that gives you the benefits of the cloud without any of the complications. It streamlines and syncs photos from all of your devices into one single photo stream. You'll be able to access all of your original photos from any of your devices in the cloud, and your photos are even compressed for viewing on your iPhone and iPad. Since there's no real reason you'd ever need the original just to view it on your device, about 95 per cent of storage that would otherwise unnecessarily be taken up gets freed to use at your leisure. [Free, plus varying costs up to £70 per year, for 250GB.]

Byliner: This is a really fantastic app for book and story lovers, offering unlimited access to its catalogue of fiction and non-fiction stories for a flat monthly subscription (£6.99 in the UK) making it a sort-of Spotify for stories. There are even some well-known writers on board too -- authors, journalists and the like. [Free (In-app subscription service)]

Ashes Event Centre: It's Ashes time again, and to ensure you don’t miss a wicket, Sky Sports has launched the Ashes Event Centre – its first ever second-screen cricket experience – as part of its Sky Sports for iPad app. It allows you to watch ball-by-ball coverage wherever you are, along with key moment replays and easy-to-see live match and player statistics as well. You can even review every ball yourself with the integrated Hawk-Eye app too. Sky Sports customers get this coverage for free, though non-subscribers can pay for the coverage on a standalone basis for £4.99 a month via an in-app purchase. [Free, in-app purchase]


Android Apps

Android Apps of the Week: Permissions Manager, NumberSnap, and MorePermissions Manager: The bottom line of this third-party app is that it protects your privacy and lets you select which app has access to what. [Free]

Android Apps of the Week: Permissions Manager, NumberSnap, and More

NumberSnap: This is a genius idea if you can never remember a new person's face. In "stealth mode," it uses the front-facing camera while somebody is putting their number in your phone, attaching it to the contact profile. Perfect for that drunken night out when you get that hot girl/guy's number and need to remember if it was beer-goggles or not the next morning. [£0.69]

Shake for help: This app turns your Android device into a connected panic-alarm: you set it up with specific emergency contacts, then it contacts them with your location if it's triggered by shaking the device. It runs in the background, and yes, it's possible it may be set off by mistake – in which case, shaking the device again turns it off. It's an awesome idea, and can provide much-needed security for those in need of it. [£0.66]

Prince of Persia, Shadow and Fire: Prince of Persia comes back to Android with its usual jumpy jumpy, slicey slicey action in a new adventure. One of my personal favourite games as a kid, fans of the series will know what to expect. And the graphics are spiffing. [£1.99]


Windows Phone Apps

ASOS Daily Edit: Avoid a fashion fail. This fashion-forward app is a quick and easy way to shop for the best of what’s ‘New In’ at ASOS, allowing you to either browse, buy, share or save items to your ASOS account directly. It's updated daily in different sections like going out, holidays and work. [Free]

Halo: Spartan Assault: Halo: Spartan Assault brings Halo combat to touch-based devices for the first time. 25 missions exist so far, and it's a pretty intense game, from what I could tell. [£5.49]

Jet Set Go: One aimed for the younger generation, owing to the kiddylike graphics? Bah, hardly. For fans of Sims-like games (or just the idea of running their own travel agency), this one is worth passing the time with. [£2.49]

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