12 Best iPhone 5 Cases to Defend Your Fragile Phone

By Spencer Hart on at

When the iPhone 5 was released some of us were quite vocal about not needing a case for it, two months later, however, we were proved very wrong. If you live in constant fear that your iPhone will end its life looking like it's been dragged along a gravel path, then fear no longer -- here are twelve of the best iPhone 5 cases for your precious pocket pal.


1. Incipio Feather Case
best iphone 5 case

The Feather Case from Incipio is a slim polycarbonate shell, which should prevent your phone from receiving any unwanted scratches and dents without adding too much bulk. The case may not protect your iPhone from larger drops, but it definitely safeguards it from keys and coins. This sleek design is available in black, white or nine other bright colours. [Buy the Incipio Feather Case from £16.79]


2. Tech21 Impact Band
best iphone 5 cases

The Impact Band from Tech21 offers the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and bulk. If you find your phone on the floor more often than in your hands, then this bumper case has integrated impact protection that absorbs and disperses the shock. It provides full access to your phone's functions and is available in smoky grey or clear. [Buy the Tech21 Impact Band from £11.25]


3. OtterBox Defender Case
best iphone 5 case

Extremely clumsy people look no further: The OtterBox Defender is for you. The Defender offers three layers of protection and was built for 'worst case scenarios', including piles of dust, scratches and drops. The case also protects the screen and comes with a handy belt clip, should you want to rock your iPhone 2000s-style on your hip. [Buy the OtterBox Defender from £12.85]


4. DODOcase BOOKback

If all you want for you iPhone is a simple case to stop the rear aluminium scratching to hell, nothing is more elegant than DODOcase's BOOKback. This leather skin allows you to put your phone down without worrying about grit scratching its polished aluminium and glass back. If you do drop your iPhone it won't do anything for you, but then this skin is reusble, so you can simply peel it off and stick it to your replacement. Available with a red or black logo. [Buy the DODOcase BOOKback from £8.95]


5. Luxe Plates Ace of Spades

best iphone 5 case

Similar to DODOcase's BOOKback, Luxe Plates will protect the back of your iPhone, but rather than leather these plates retain the iPhone's industrial feeling. The cool and intricate designs from Luxe Plates will really make your phone stand out from the crowd. It's just a case of simply sticking 'em to the back of your iPhone and you're good to go. [Buy Lux Plates Ace of Spades from approx. £32 inc. shipping from US]


6. Griffin Reveal

If you want all around protection, but also want to show off your devotion to Apple, then nothing does it better than Griffin's Reveal case. This case is comprised of a clear polycarbonate back with rubber edges. The rubber comes in a variety of bright colours and makes the phone easier to grip too. [Buy the Griffin Reveal from £12.99]


7. Mophie Juice Pack Helium
best iphone 5 cases

What's the point of a case that ONLY protects your iPhone? Mophie's Juice Pack Air both protects your little device and extends its battery life. The chunky case houses a 1,500mAh battery, adding up to seven hours of battery life, very handy if you find yourself in the red at around lunchtime every day. The Helium should provide enough juice, but if you require more, Mophie also produces versions with a 1,700mAh or 2,100mAh battery. The Helium is available in dark metallic or silver. [Buy the Mophie Juice Pack Helium from £68.49]


8. RADIUS Minimalist Case

10 best iphone 5 cases

Ever wanted an exoskeleton for your iPhone? Or possibly a bikini? Either way this tiny case could be the perfect companion for your phone. The minimalist design protects the corners and back while still showing off Jonny Ive's design. Available in slate or silver. [Buy the Radius Minimalist Case from £69.99]


9. Griffin Survivor Plus Catalyst Waterproof Phone Case

If you're partial to a bit of sailing, rowing, or water sports in general, and you're jealous of Sony Xperia Z's watertight body, then shove your iPhone into Griffin's waterproof case and be jealous no longer. This rugged case will keep your phone dry up to 3m below the waterline while still retaining all the functions of the phone. [Buy the Griffin Survivor Plus Catalyst Waterproof Case from £59.99]


10. Snugg iPhone 5 Bamboo Case

best iphone 5 case

If you're bored with Apple's industrial design then try slipping this beautifully crafted bamboo case onto your iPhone. It creates a more natural aesthetic to your phone while retaining all of its functionality. [Buy the Snugg Bamboo Case for £29.99]


11. Ted Baker Case by Proporta

best iphone 5 case

Ted Baker designed, made by Proporta, these cases are perfect for the fashion conscious iPhoner. Designs come in a wide range of masculine and feminine styles, made to go perfectly with your Ted Baker suit or dress. You do have a Ted Baker suit, right? [Buy Ted Baker Cases by Proporta from £26.96]


12. Star Wars Limited Edition Cases

Show off your love for the one of the biggest film franchises of all time with these limited edition Star Wars cases. Available in Darth Vader, C-3PO, Chewbacca or R2-D2 (my personal favourite) flavours, these cases add real character to your phone. [Buy Limited Edition Star Wars Cases for £19.99]

If those twelve didn't take your fancy, just think, it could always be worse:

10 best iphone 5 cases