Boris Wants to Smash Heathrow and Build a New Airport for London... in Kent

By Gary Cutlack on at

Boris Johnson has outlined three possible new ways of expanding London's air capacity, and none include making Heathrow bigger. In fact, if Boris gets his way, Heathrow would be demolished and turned into around 250,000 new houses.

Of the three plans put forward, two are new. The old Boris (artificial) Island concept in the Thames Estuary is still up for consideration, with London's mayor going further to suggest that a new airport could be built an even greater distance from London on the Isle of Grain, a relatively empty patch of land right on the Kent coast near Sheerness. The fact that planes would approach this over the sea means fewer complaints from people on the flight path, possibly smoothing planning processes.

Boris also suggests upgrading Stansted and its connecting infrastructure, although no decision on any plans will be made until 2015 -- and Heathrow's set to announce its own idea of what should happen to help the UK expand its air capacity later this week. [BBC]