Breaking Bad's Last Episodes Hitting Netflix UK 24 Hours After US Broadcast

By Gary Cutlack on at

Netflix UK has some great news for fans of adult-rated Malcolm in the Middle sequel Breaking Bad, revealing that the final batch of episodes of the tragi-comic cookery show will be available for streaming in the UK and Ireland just 24 hours after they're aired on their US network.

Of course, that still means there will be a tense day of avoiding social media spoliers for UK-based Breaking Bad fans, but still. Netflix users may now watch Walt's continuing adventures virtually simultaneously with the US, without resorting to the shadier illegal download scene.

Show creator Vince Gilligan said: "Netflix has been instrumental in making Breaking Bad the success that it is -- particularly in the UK and Ireland, where it has built an audience and become a huge phenomenon.  I am delighted that fans there will be able to enjoy the end of Breaking Bad on Netflix so soon after it airs in the US."

The new, final chunk of BB episodes will appear for streaming from Monday August 12th.