Chipotle Bans Radiohead's Dulcet Tones From Their Restaurants

By Chris Mills on at

Chipotle, home of slightly pricy but mindblowingly good Mexican food, have banned Radiohead, home of angsty 'alternative rock' and bad hairstyles, from ever being played in their establishments. Apparently, the "high, tenuous yowl of Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wreaks havoc with the steel and concrete of a Chipotle buildout."

In an interview with with Westword, Chipotle playlist guru Christopher Golub, who inflicts his musical taste on thousands of innocent diners every month, said that each restaurant has to have a "texture of sound":

"You know that if you go into a store, you've got the small, hard surfaces. You've got concrete floors, a lot of windows, hard walls and a lot of cooking gear and tile. So that doesn't work with certain songs."

And clearly, all of Radiohead is one of those certain songs. [NME]