Could a Spell-Checking Pen Get You to Write in Cursive?

By Eric Limer on at

Handwriting is dying out in general, but cursive especially. Does anyone under the age of twenty ever use it anymore? They will, if the minds behind Lernstift have anything to say about it. They've got a haptic smart-pen that will spellcheck your script, but does that really make it any more enticing?

With its non-optical motion sensor and some other assorted electronic guts, the Lernstift will—in theory—not only detect and understand your cursive writing and vibrate if you're spelling things wrong, but also critique your cursive form. You know, kind of like a virtual nun with a haptic ruler.


So far the Lernstift is an unfunded Kickstarter, with over a hundred thousand dollars to go in funding. But whether or not it ever exists, the question still remains: could something like this even save cursive if it did exist and worked perfectly? Would you use it, or would you rather stick to keyboards and messy printing? [The Telegraph via Engadget]