This Counter-Paparazzi Tool is Also a Great Lighting Prop

By Haje Jan Kamps on at

As a photographer, I'm always on the look-out for cool gadgets that can help me put me ahead of my peers. One of the coolest techniques I've employed for many a year, is to use projectors in various ways to spit light onto scenes or models. The classic shot is the 'lit by French Blinds' shot -- but do you really need blinds or, indeed, the Sun anymore?

It's precisely for this reason that I'm so excited about the The Light Blaster. Instead of using a standard projector -- or even something retro like an OHP -- you can use your camera flash to create very brief glimpses of projected light. It uses 35mm slides or printed transparencies as projection material to help photographers tell stories, really clever stuff.

So, as the mature and well-respected (ahem) photographer I am, I can think of lots of clever and creative ways of doing stuff. But, as the immature hoodlum that I sometimes like to be, I really want someone to create a load of slides that with crude words printed on them.

Just think, whenever someone goes to a movie premiere, set your flash to 'slave' mode. Then when the paps start shooting, your choice text will be blasted out. I can't wait until the next film premiere sees the word 'Bollocks' get projected behind the row of starlets in 20-foot letters. But then, perhaps I'm just profoundly childish. [Light Blaster]