Clive Palmer is One Step Closer to His Real-Life Jurassic Park Dream

By Spencer Hart on at

You remember Clive Palmer, right? He's the crazy billionaire who plans to build Titanic II and Jurassic Park in Queensland, Australia. Well, now he's just taken one giant step closer to the better of his two money-soaked film-recreating dreams.

Clive has recently been given permission to build 160 (!) animatronic dinosaurs, adding to his current collection of just two of the life-sized ancient reptilians. What are Clive's thoughts on the new attraction? "It's classic, it's subtle, it's small, it's low impact," I doubt that Clive, highly I doubt that.

The park will open in 2014, so get saving now, because flights to Australia are pretty pricy, and you know you're just going to have to go and see this bad boy, right? [ABC News]