Desperate Electric Toothbrush Mob Descends on London Rail Station

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hundreds of people lined up at Waterloo station to chase a freebie yesterday, after a promo for a new electric toothbrush caused chaotic scenes. The idea was to let people swap an old electric toothbrush for a new one, a deal that went down rather too well.

It appeared to be a massive win for Colgate's social promotion, but with only 150 of the high-end electric toothbrushes to give away and freebie-crazed members of the public starting to queue for theirs from 5.00am, it turned into a bit of a disaster. The crowd of crazed electric toothbrush users was deemed a safety risk by station staff, who ordered the closure of the booth before any had been handed out.

Colgate UK's getting a right slagging on Twitter right now, after telling potential blaggers that "Due to crowd numbers we have been asked to close down the #BrushSwap stand. Keep tuned for updates. Apologies for the inconvenience caused" and that it won't be back in Waterloo this week.

And to make things worse, rival electric toothbrush maker Philips Sonicare has cleverly hijacked Colgate's #BrushSwap Twitter hashtag, and is encouraging furious former Colgate fans to tweet photos of their miserable old electric toothbrushes in order to win one of the rival models instead. [Metro]

Image credit: YouTube & Twitter