Do You Skype Your Pets?

By Sam Gibbs on at

This one has caught me completely by surprise. Apparently over half of Brits actually Skype their pets, and a quick whip round the office says, yes, people really do Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, whatever, their pets. We're surrounded by secret pet-chatters -- are you one of them?

Now, I've had cats all my life, but I wouldn't dream of actually video-chatting with them. People, obviously embarrassed by the fact that I'd just outed them, tried to hide behind the fact that they were calling their parents or friends and the dog or cat just so happened to walk in, so they thought they'd take the opportunity to say hello (case in point below). But honestly, how many people genuinely just call up to video-chat with their furry friends?

It's a shame most dogs don't know how to hit the 'accept video call' button, really.


Have you ever Skyped your pets? And if so, tell us honestly, did you just call up to talk to you beloved dog, cat, hamster or pigeon? [The Telegraph]