Does Anyone Actually Bother Buying Ouya Games?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems barely anyone who owns an Ouya is actually paying for their games, because some 73 per cent of players haven't paid a single penny for any game at all. Ouch.

The surprising thing is Ouya seems to be happy with that. In an interview with The Verge, its CEO, Julie Uhrman, said that the figure was actually better than expected, and that just eight per cent of gamers upgrade 13 of the top games from their free versions to paid versions. Given the huge percentage of players gaming for free on freemium games, yet developers still make enough from those who do pay, maybe Ouya's business model is sustainable?

Then again, given the lag the thing suffers from, I'm not surprised so few people have actually paid for a game. And what incentive do developers have to really tailor their games to the Ouya given barely anyone actually pays real money for them?

Something tells me the Ouya won't be around in a year's time, at least not in its current walled-garden form. [The Verge]