Easyjet Screwing Us With Smaller Hand Baggage Allowance

By Chris Mills on at

Easyjet is coming down hard on the baggage over-crowding issue on its flights, by making the hand baggage size much smaller -- bring anything bigger, and you face being forced to check it at the gate. Cheers, guys.

The new dimensions for 'guaranteed' hand baggage is 50 x 40 x 20cm, down basically 5cm in every direction. It might not sound like much, but most carry-on cases are designed to just fit in the current restrictions, and as such you'll either have to buy new baggage, or sacrifice your bag to the exciting and fickle world of checked baggage. I mean, you didn't actually want your bags to arrive on holiday with you, right?

To be fair, this is addressing a legitimate problem: according to Easyjet itself, "Thanks to our industry leading load factors (89%) and seat configuration Easyjet carries around 40 more passengers on each flight than our rivals. Because of this, overhead locker space onboard our aircraft is limited and so on busy flights we are not always able to fit everyone's cabin bag in the cabin."

Alternatively: 'with all the cattle and expensive mini-tubes of Pringles crammed on board, there's no room for your stuff, so we're going to stick it in the hold or leave it at Luton, whichever we feel like'.

The good news? According to a survey carried out by Which? magazine, 4 in 10 people plan on totally ignoring the new dictat from Easyjet HQ. People power, etc. [Which?]