EE and Vodafone Clash Over Cheeky "Ultrafast 4G" Formula 1 Advert

By Sam Gibbs on at

It seems like Vodafone's got itself in a spot of hot water, after it decided it'd be a brilliant time to slap a red-hot "Ultrafast 4G" logo on the side of its Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 cars for the British Grand Prix. Problem is, you can't get 4G on Vodafone yet.

According to Vodafone -- so take this with a pinch of salt -- EE rang up Vodafone after seeing the "Ultrafast 4G" Vodafone branding on the McLarens during free practice on Friday. EE apparently demanded that the cars be pitted, and that the offending side pod branding be stripped.

Talking to TechRadar, it seems EE just happened to inquire about the curious ad on the side of the car for something Vodafone doesn't yet have, rather than demand the McLarens be taken out of the race.

Either way, it was pretty cheeky of Vodafone to stick that kind of branding on the F1 cars, considering the network hasn't even given a date yet for its LTE network launch in the UK. Mind you, it looked pretty good on the side of a flying F1 car, even if McLaren didn't exactly do the business.

Anyone even notice it at the British Grand Prix? With all the tyre blowouts, nose changes, overtaking and cheating -- here's looking at you Rosberg and di Resta -- you'd be forgiven for missing it. What a race it was. [TechRadar]

Update: Christian Cull, the Director of Corporate Communications at Vodafone UK, got in touch to assure us they received a written request from EE to remove the logo, which is part of their sponsorship programme.

Image credit: Vodafone