EE's Doubling Your 4G Speed Up to 150Mbps From Tomorrow For Free (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

EE's out in London again to talk up its double speed 4G, which apparently is going live any minute in 12 towns and cities around the UK including London, Birmingham, Nottingham and others, its new shared 4G plans, and PAYG 4G mobile broadband.

Average speeds are going to be boosted to 24-30Mbps, which is faster than most people's home broadband. EE's London 4G network is apparently speedier than any of the LTE networks in New York already too, which is saying something, given our American cousins had quite a huge head start on us poor Brits. In fact, EE's CEO boasted that EE's even in the same ball park as the South Korean networks, and that's damned impressive. Whether you're getting that kind of speed on the ground is another matter, of course.

EE's 4G network apparently covers 55 per cent of the UK, which isn't a surprise given how many towns and cities are covered now; it seems like a new place has its proverbial LTE switch flicked every day at the moment.

Good news for data hungry potential 4Gers too, as EE's dumping much more data into its existing plans for the summer. Unfortunately existing customers are left out of the promotion, as you'll need to sign a new contract or upgrade before the end of summer to grab it. Likewise, to try and get you hooked on 4G, EE's pushing out three-months PAYG mobile broadband for the price of one. You can buy data by day, or month, with 2GB of data setting you back £15 (although you'll get 6GB for that for three months), 4GB will run you £15, and 10GB £30. Dongles and MiFis will be available too, at £50 and £70 respectively with 2GB of data bundled to get you going.

Also on the block today are EE's shared 4G plans that we've heard about before. Essentially, the way it works is the master or lead account picks the data amount, and then you can add on additional users, whether just a tablet or a phone for an additional fee. Apparently it'll lead to big savings for families, but it's one of those things that you'll have to do the maths on for yourself. For instance, extra phone sharers can be added for £12 per month on a 12-month contract (£17 on 30-day rolling), where as tablets and laptop's will burn a £5-shaped hole in your wallet every month for 24 months, or £8 on a 30-day basis.

Of course the initial plans are pretty pricey to start with, but given you get unlimited texts and calls if you've got kids, this might be one for you. The US networks have been doing this kind of thing for ages, as well as Vodafone in the UK, so it's nice to see more shared options coming down the pipe.

Oh, and EE's also launching "Cash on Tap", a MasterCard-partnership taking a stab at NFC payments. Whether it'll take off, who knows?