EU Prepares for War With US Over Privacy Monitoring

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the most senior EU Commissioners has had a pop at the American surveillance situation, telling conference attendees that the recent PRISM revelations were a "wake up call" that may end up in greater privacy protection for all of us.

In fact, the shenanigans surrounding the NSA and its PRISM monitoring tools have helped push the privacy issue to the forefront in Europe, getting more people talking about it and interested in having debates about what can be done. So in the long term, the PowerPoint of Shame might end up being good for us all.

Speaking at a DLD conference covering women's roles in data protection, European Union Vice President and Commisioner Viviane Reding said: "It was a wake-up call, thanks to the Americans. We do not want the U.S. government to listen to every phone call we make and read every e-mail."

Reding added that "Data protection in Europe is a fundamental right" and that "without trust you cannot go ahead." [AllThingsD]

Image credit: Hide and seek from Shutterstock