F1 Cars, With Just Their Sponsors' Logos Visible

By Sam Gibbs on at

Modern F1 cars are so plastered with advertising that, without the actual chassis of the car being visible, you can still make out the whole outline of the speed machines. In fact, removing the car from the equation turns them into stunning works of art, especially the Lotus.

Artist Yoni Alter took the 2013 Lotus, McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull cars and deconstructed them. The results are a series of stunning prints you can buy for £70 a pop. The Lotus one looks sweet in black and yellow, but the silver and red McLaren's my favourite of the bunch. You can also bag yourself the prints on T-shirts for around £28 all-in from the US, but if you're going to label your person as an F1 nerd, then there's only one T-shirt worth wearing. I mean, what part of multi 21 don't you understand, eh? [Yoni Alter via Jalopnik]