Finding it Tough Getting a Job? Why Not Sell Yourself on eBay?

By Spencer Hart on at

58-Year-old Steve Sewell has lived a varied life: A qualified estate agent; bike mechanic; IT technician, and has even turned his hand to working in a shipyard. So when he put himself on eBay he kinda expected to fetch a tad more than the starting bid of 99p. Oh how wrong he was.

Listing himself as "Used" with "Some wear to moving parts, surface finish warn", the poor chap failed to actually attract any bids at all. eBayers just weren't buying.

man sells himself on ebay

We've all clearly missed out on a bargain though. Once Steve relisted himself and gained the attention of the national press, bids rocketed and have reached £16,100 with four days left. It's amazing what getting featured on the last bastion of quality news that is the Daily Mail does for you.

The success of this stunt has got me thinking I'm doing this job search all wrong. I'll start the bidding here, any takers for 25p? [Daily Mail]

Image credit: Business woman from Shutterstock