Flop Surface Tablets Smashed a £590m Hole in Microsoft's Accounts

By Gary Cutlack on at

Surface is officially a financial disaster for Microsoft, with the tablet scheme making headlines of the wrong sort in its latest set of accounts. For the last business quarter, MS booked a $900m loss thanks to its latest spectacular hardware flop.

The hole in the accounts was mentioned in the first paragraph of Microsoft's latest figures, with the tech giant saying the loss was "related to Surface RT inventory adjustments," which, we suspect, means it has thousands upon thousands of the things sitting unsold in various warehouses around the Western world. Hence the recent price cut that hacked the price of the standard tablet down to £279 in the UK in an attempt to shift a few. Any. Even just one.

Probably best not to buy a Surface just yet, though, as this might go the way of the PlayBook and hit the £99 mark before the summer's out. [Microsoft]