Flying a Drone With the Oculus Rift Looks Absolutely Immense

By Mike Carrington on at

The Oculus Rift has spawned all sorts of truly amazing and innovative uses, most of them gaming or, well, porn, I'll admit. But controlling drones with the 3D headset has to be the future of warfare, right?

The beauty is you get a stereoscopic view of the battlefield, right from the drone, meaning you can gauge distance and trajectory just like you could if you were actually up there. In fact, it's a pretty scary thought that people could be spying on you with a true bird's eye view up there, but we'll gloss over that for the time being.

Right now the drone has to carry a laptop to beam back the signals, but it's only a proof of concept. There's no reason all that couldn't be shrunk down to some internal components, or even to a phone.

With something like this we could have an actual real WipeOut-style racing series with drones and people controlling them as if they were sitting in the cockpit. Now that really would be amazing. [Oculus FPV via Technabob via Kotaku]