Former Groupon Boss Releases Motivational Business Rock Album Hardly Workin'

By Gary Cutlack on at

Andrew Mason has been busy since being booted out of Groupon earlier this year, with the founder of the daily deal site putting together a 1980s style rock album he callsĀ Hardly Workin'. It's not clear if he's joking or being serious.

If you have an account, you can give it a listen on Spotify. Tracks like Risin' Above the Pack and The Way to Work are filled with motivational lyrics, with Risin' featuring the fantastic line: "You've just got to know yourself and play to your strengths, and soon you'll be risin' above the rest."

And there's a lot more cheese where that came from. It sounds well produced, and Mason is OK at singing, with the end result being a sort of poppy, soft rock album, that sounds a bit like what you'd get if The Darkness had a pop at Billy Joel. We doubt anyone will be listening to it on purpose or seriously, though. [The Verge]