George Osborne Pimps the Jawbone UP in the Opposite of a Shill

By Chris Mills on at

Is there such a thing as an anti-endorsement? Because even if there isn't, our esteemed chancellor Georgie-boy has managed to create one, proudly telling reporters at a lunch that he uses a Jawbone UP to track how many calories he burns while viciously slashing budgets.

According to the Guardian, the UP is the wearable technology of choice for a couple of ministers -- including Osborne, but also Education bod Michael Gove. According to Osborne:

"It measures how far you walk but it also measures your sleep patterns – deep and light sleep – and I was pleased to note yesterday that Michael Gove was also wearing one."

The Chancellor would also like us to know that he "always sleeps well", which is nice, I suppose. In any case, it's good to see he's keeping himself healthy -- those Byron burgers don't burn themselves off, y'know. [Guardian]

Image credit: George Osborne from Shutterstock