German Police Treat Themselves to a 3D Printer to Test Printed Gun Schematics

By Gary Cutlack on at

The ongoing saga of the 3D gun and if it's any good or not is set to continue, thanks to a plan for German police to knock out a few and test them to see how dangerous they are to the user and the person being shot at -- and how easy they are to smuggle once disassembled.

The plan came about due to a question about the weapon's efficiency and risk that was asked in the German parliament, which was all the excuse a few nerdy cops needed to set themselves the fun task of getting the necessary equipment and schematics together to give the gun a trial run.

They join one Australian police force in testing the 3D printed gun, with its conclusion being that it was just as likely to blow a hole in the person using it as cause damage to who or what it was being aimed at. [GigaOM via Wired]