Google Mashes Street View and Google+ Together for Tour de France Action Cam

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's put together a very technically impressive web experience celebrating the Tour de France, giving you (a bit of) an idea of what the stages look like from a rider's perspective.

Of course, the tech to make this happen mostly comes from Google's own Street View system, which has been combined with a fancy new scrolling interface, photos of cyclists and bikes, maps of each stage's route and any relevant Google+ posts made by riders and visitors to the stages.

If you can get over the fact it's not much more than an advert for Street View and yet another attempt to convince people Google+ is a popular social network where all the cool people hang out, it's a fun thing to explore. New interactive stages are added once the riders have powered their way through in the wake of the newly dominant British cyclists. [Your Tour]