Half-Price Books and Cheap Travel Are Your Daily-Grind-Escape-Plan Deals of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

The rise of the e-reader may have made it easier for us to consume books on a grand scale but you can't beat that feeling of having an actual book in your hands. Plus, you can't throw a Kindle at the dog when it's chewing your slippers.

So why not treat yourself to a lovely new book with a whopping 50 per cent off its cover price. It'll need to be one from WHSmith's high street range, so there's no chance of saving yourself £8,600 off this little beauty. Then, if you're looking for some quiet time to enjoy your new book, just hop on a National Express bus and you can go ANYWHERE for only £10.00. As long as it's on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Look at us, making dreams come true in your faces all over again...


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Shorts, T-shirt, flip flops and a console game -- from £24.47.
- Teen or adult Odeon tickets -- 45 per cent off.
- Huawei Ascend P6 (600 mins, unlimited texts, 750MB data) -- £22.00 for 24 months (less with redemption).
- Pacific Rim (3D & 2D Blu-ray) -- pre-order for £16.75.
- The Dark Knight Trilogy (Blu-ray) -- only £19.97.
- Logik orange wireless keyboard -- only £9.99.
- Be quiet! Pure Power Modular 80+ bronze PSU -- just £55.84.
- July/August -- various 14-night return flights -- from £68.98.
- Electronic control rapid battery charger -- only £14.99.

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