Having Issues With Wi-Fi on Your MacBook Air? Apple's Got a Fix

By Sam Gibbs on at

Having started hoovering up all the new 13-inch MacBook Airs seemingly hit with Wi-Fi issues, which we irritatingly experienced ourselves in the office, plus glitching volume spikes and flickering Photoshop issues, Apple's finally released a fix. Go grab it now.

Reports so far look promising, but only time will tell whether Apple's really nuked this one or not. I've heard rumours that Wi-Fi speeds still aren't exactly blazing on the new MacBook Air post fix, but at least the complete drop-outs have been taken out:

This update fixes an issue that in rare instances may cause an intermittent loss in wireless connectivity, an issue with Adobe Photoshop which may cause occasional screen flickering, and an issue which may cause audio volume to fluctuate during video playback.

Let us know if you're still having issues post update. [Apple]