Here's a Game Boy Emulator Your Can Download on Any iPhone Without Jailbreaking

By Gary Cutlack on at

A developer has built a fully functional Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone and iPad, and has managed to get it working in such a way that it can be installed directly through a web browser link -- with no jailbreak action required.

The emulator, given the rather descriptive name of GBA4iOS, exploits an enterprise solution that lets corporations quickly build and install apps on multiple iOS devices without requiring the usual security checks. It's a bit of a complicated solution, but the end result is a way of getting emulators on unhacked phones in such a clever manner that Apple appears powerless to stop it.

To make it work, visit the maker's GitHub page and click on the blue button. It's that easy. ROMs are your own responsibility and moral choice, as ever. [ReadWrite]