Here's How to Completely Skirt Amazon's New Delivery Charges

By Sam Gibbs on at

Amazon's decided that free delivery for anything under £10 has to go, apart from media like CDs, Blu-rays and games. What does that mean? Well, your random purchases have suddenly just gotten a whole lot more expensive. Unless, that is, you follow this handy tip.

Essentially all you have to do is either nudge your order over the magic £10 barrier, which might actually be cheaper than paying £6 for delivery -- we're looking at you, Pac-Man mug. However, if you're a little more sneaky, you can skip the delivery charges altogether by essentially including some form of media with it.

Any supersaver-eligible media will work, with my personal favourite being the 59p Engelbert Humperdinck special we submitted for our Eurovision entry back in 2012. Amazon seem to have plenty of the things too, and you get AutoRip with it. Amazing.

Still, you could always bundle your orders into a collection before hitting the buy button, but then, where's the fun in that? [Bitterwallet]