Here's the Lumia 1020 Camera Chopped in Half for No Good Reason

By Michael Hession on at

If you are intrigued by the Nokia Lumia 1020's wild camera, you no doubt wonder what lies underneath the circular 41-megapixel bulge. Zeiss, the maker of the Lumia 1020's lens, did us all the kindness of slicing the teeny camera right down the middle so we could all see inside!

The photo was given to the Phoblographer by the good folks at Zeiss, after doing an interview with them about the Lumia 1020. It is a crystal clear look at the 6 distinct optical elements that form the lens, with the sensor underneath. After seeing the photos that come out of this thing, it's nice to catch a small glimpse of the hardware at work. [The Phoblographer]