Honda's Hands Showcase the Road Its Models Are Winding Through

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The last time we wanted to press rewind on an ad was probably when Cadbury's gorilla was doing its best Phil Collins act, but Honda's managed to capture our attention with its Hands clip, which manages to celebrate the 65-year-old company's innovative spirit without a single word.

Starting with heritage models like the 2RC143 bike, the modes of transport twist and turn into the likes of the 2013 Honda TT legends the Fireblade and HB25 leafblower, with homage paid along the way to pioneering Honda technologies such as next year's NSX concept; the FCX Clarity car (which emits nothing but water, as you can see by the ad's engineer taking a drink of water from the glass it's poured into), plus the first-production NSX from back in 1990.

Soundtracked by You Meet the Nicest People On a Honda by The Hondells -- yes, really -- the CGI will have you recalling your first Honda experience, and perhaps your next Honda experience too.