Hopefully This Purported Back Shell of the Next iPhone Is Fake

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to whispers out of China this morning, this is a snap of a load of new back shells waiting to be made into Apple's next iPhone, supposedly the iPhone 5S (not to be confused with the plastic iPhone 5C). If real, Apple's basically changed nothing, and that'd pretty damn dull.

The shells came with some sketchy-sounding specs too, although like everything about these whispers you have to take them with a mountain of salt, for now. The rumour throws out there that Apple won't bother changing the CPU at the heart of its next iPhone, but will just clock it to a higher speed. The next iPhone will also supposedly come with a 12MP shooter with dual LED flash, NFC, and more memory, probably to support the increasing demands of iOS 7.

Both these images seem relatively plausible given Apple's propensity to shove out spec-bumped "s" models (but could just be the backs from an iPhone 5, of course). However, like everything rumoured to be pouring out of Apple, it could be an elaborate joke at the expense of the legions of fanboys -- it certainly wouldn't be the first one of those we've seen floating around the internet.

With this and the plastic iPhone that's seemingly been confirmed, we could see a dual-phone launch come autumn. Whether that's a good thing or not, I have no idea. If you're producing a cheaper, plastic iPhone, surely you want to make your flagship an absolute beast or the height of design to differentiate it? If so, those supposed specs really don't scream 'flagship' to me. [Expreview via Laptop Mag via SlashGear]