How on Earth are 25,000 People in the UK Stealing Electricity?

By Gary Cutlack on at

According to power industry regulator Ofgem, some 25,000 people every year are caught trying to steal electricity, with around one third of those using their stolen electricity to help power illegal cannabis farms.

The stats released by Ofgem [PDF] suggest that around £200m is being lost by the electricity companies thanks to unscrupulous people nicking electricity, which equates to around £7 being added to the cost of everyone else's power bills as a result.

Ofgem wants to fix this by requiring electricity companies to start making more of an effort to detect and crackdown on theft, with a system of fines put in place for power suppliers that aren't seen to be doing enough. And there will be a helpline set up so you can grass people up if you suspect they've got some dodgy wiring scam going on. [Ofgem [PDF] -- Thanks, Pete]

Image credit: Pylons from Shutterstock