How to Play Crysis on a MacBook Air

By Jamie Condliffe on at

The MacBook Air's graphics capabilities make it too wimpy to play any proper games on out of the box — but there is a way to beef things up.

Larry Gadea from the Tech Inferno forums has dreamt up a way to turn the Air from the workaday lifestyle computer to gaming powerhouse — by adding an ad hoc external GPU. In fact, he's teamed up a PCI Express video card with the Air's Thunderbolt port, using two adapters, a Boot Camp install of Windows 7, and some extra third-party software.

The result? Frame rates seven times faster than the on-board graphics of the Air, and some insanely smooth gameplay. It. Is. Amazing. The only snag? Don't expect a commercial version any time soon: The GPU needs desktop power supply to run it, and besides, Intel doesn't want to let people sell Thunderbolt GPUs, so it won't issue licenses to that end.

Still, if you wanna hack it together yourself, you can find some instruction here. [Tech Inferno via MacRumors via Engadget]