Ice? Pah! You May as Well Be Drinking Toilet Water

By Spencer Hart on at

Next time you're in Beijing trying to escape the heat by going to KFC and ordering a refreshing beverage, you might want to think again, or at least order that lemonade WITHOUT ice.

The country's state media, China Central Television (CCTV -- isn't that a strange coincidence?) recently reported that the ice in KFC contained bacteria 19 times higher than the acceptable limit for drinking water. The bacteria was 12 times more concentrated than even toilet water.

However if you chose McDonalds, the bastion of quality, there's no need to worry, the ice is cleaner than toilet water, phew... but still doesn't meet the national standard.

Thankfully executives at KFC are looking into the problem, revealing it was down to sub-standard cleaning of the ice machine. Maybe if you paid employees more, they'd put more effort in? [Metro]

Image credit: Marufish from flickr